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Freak TractionAllow me to introduce myself. Thanks for looking into Freak Traction owned by (myself) Matt Kechele. I started Freak Traction for the simple reason I wanted to offer something different and try to make some contributions to furthering the progression of Surfing and Traction. Let's be honest, traction has allowed surfers to take their approach to new levels and heights. Surfers have a extra confidence level with a nice sticky traction pad (arch if you prefer) and a solid kick tail to give better leverage through big power gouges or aerial approaches. I have been around since the inception of the first traction tail pads. Some would agree that myself and good friend Jeff Klugel touted the idea of a tail pad with a kick tail like a skateboard. Now I’m giving up my age. In those days I was just starting to experiment with the idea of taking a skateboarding approach to my surfing and busting airs regarded as possibly the first with a repertoire of Aerial Tricks.

Freak TractionThe Posi + Grip idea came as a challenge to offer something unique but very functional. I wanted to make a groove pattern that adds more leverage points to surround your toes better. Posi + Grip was the answer, This idea came to me at about 2:00 AM in the morning, I was having a positive dream I guess. The first intial cuts, after my drawing prooved to be incredibly gripping as well exceptionally light weight and a thinner feeling pad. The response has been great and our product is becoming popular around the world.  Posi + Grip being  thinner works real well for winter surfing with Booties on as well! Freak started in 8 different now we have close to 30 different Styles and the goals remain the same to push the boundaries for better products. Give a Freak Pad a go and see the difference in quality, weight and durability! Hopefully you can discover that you yourself are a FREAK, too!

Thanks again... Kech


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